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Case Study: MakaluMedia Marbella Offices

Cuadro eléctrico One of the projects we have conducted in the last months is a complete reform of the MakaluMedia new offices in Marbella. Being MakaluMedia a computer and engineering company focused on Internet Solutions, we provided enough infraestructure for their array of computers and servers.

We installed all the illumination points and designed a well-thought electrical panel.

We also coped with the licenses and permits negotiating with Sevillana/Endesa.

"I am very satisfied with the work that Jesus Vazquez and his Team has developed in my offices", explains Matt Henderson, the MakaluMedia Group CEO. "The budgets were detailed enough to avoid all uncomfortable surprises you often have from other providers. And the contracted work was delivered timely and in a professional way. All in all I must say that the results obtained with Irma24 allows me to recommend their services with no trace of objections".

The installation included a complete Alarm system and air conditioner:

Instalación en oficina

Aire acondicionado

Instalación eléctrica

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